Community-first transit services

Innovation, systemic integration and superior service is at the heart of all we do. Our services are designed to cater to your needs.


The right fleets for your unique transit needs

We employ a variety of fleet vehicles to serve your unique transportation needs. Our fleets range from conventional transit buses, to fully-accessible minibuses, minivans, and sedans. We also fulfil our commitment to the environment with a focus on installing and increasing supply of hybrid-electric vehicles.

Unimaginable turn-around time

Our fleet supply is abundant and ready to go at a moments' notice

Fully wheel-chair accessible

Our bread and butter is accessible-first vehicles


Integrate with our TNC

Our network of transportation network providers are a strong value-add when using the BTS services. Using our technology partners, we've established connections to over 1000 taxis, ride-hailing, and accessible on-call and readily available fleet supplies from our network.

One-click on-boarding of TNCs

Quickly add overflow vehicles to your transit needs

Available everywhere

No matter the location, our TNC network is readily available


Certified driver training

Our drivers and staff are trained by qualified representatives to provide the highest quality of safety and vehicle operations training available. Training is carried out at our designated training locations and is repeated on a regular basis to ensure drivers are always in the know.

Certified trainers

Among other qualifications, our trainers are Q-Straint qualified

Accessibility trained

Our staff are properly trained to accommodate all accessibilities


Specialized use cases for your transit needs

Use our offerings to customize the specific transit requirements in your region. We offer specialized services that allow you to offer the following community-based transportation services and more.

Hand-to-hand/door-to-door transfer

Community Living residence and programs, etc.

Curb-to-curb/virtual Stop

Curb to curb or a transit stop anywhere you need

Hub to hub

Shuttle between designated hub locations

Last mile/first mile

The first and last portion from larger transit options

Seniors day and Community Outreach

Specialized shuttle trip services

Hospital and LTC transfers

Specialized non-emergency patient transfer


Serving a variety of sectors

Offering services to frequented mass transit connections, airports, and a collection of high-traffic transit exchanges.

GO Stations
Rail Stations

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Got a transit project idea?

We work with you directly to co-create the optimal transit solution for your community's needs

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