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Community Cares

Helping you, help others!

Here at BTS, we are committed to the communities we serve. Each year we organize and promote several events & initiatives aimed at giving back to our communities. All our awareness and fundraising efforts give back and support our local non-profit partners.

Today we support several dozen non-profit social service agencies and health care organizations. Our efforts mobilize, unite, and strengthen our communities.

BTS Community Cares

In 2008, we introduced our unique Community Cares program, geared towards helping non-profit agencies and health care organizations in Ontario. This program was designed for the sole purpose of giving back.

Here is how it works:

For all our non-profit health care organizations and agencies, we give-back a percentage value of the total revenues generated by that company from using our services. So now not only does the company save money (from our competitive every day prices), but they also make money. This amount has proved to be substantial for some of our customers.

Since the inception of this program, we have given back over two million dollars to our partners in forms of:

  • Donations
  • Purchase of equipment and assets
  • Transportation subsidies

… and more!

Our BTS Community Cares initiative has benefited so many of our current partners. Call us today to experience exceptional service and benefit from this great program.

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