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Quality assurance begins with employing well trained and experienced staff.  This is required at every position at BTS. The following are brief points highlighting our Quality Program:

  • Our drivers are screened, tested, and trained prior to being placed into duty. Periodic performance audits and bi-annual reviews are conducted.
  • Our dispatchers and customer service representatives are fully trained and knowledgeable regarding each client’s processes, requirements and possess intimate knowledge of the local geography. All staff are supervised, and undergo quarterly reviews.
  • Our software, CanRide, offers a suite of modules which allow us and our customers to take advantage of the efficiencies that modern technology provides.
  • Complete integration to maximize efficiencies, and allow total control over the entire transportation cycle.
  • We have a corporate Service Quality Index (SQI) which tracks our customer service performance (i.e. call-tracking, surveys, etc).

We take great pride in our Quality Control and Assurance practices. Many of our customers consider us the industry leaders.

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