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Partner Selection

We set the bar very high for our partners

The BTS Network is committed to building stable service delivery networks through trust, mutual benefits, and an emphasis on long-term relationships. Not just anyone can join the network. Our strict eligibility criteria is used to select the best vendors. We examine a vendor’s history, experience, current operational structure, vehicle standards, and their commitment to going green. All partners are required to register their drivers with our Ride-Safe Program. This ensures drivers meet minimum requirements set out by the network. To learn more about this program, refer to our Ride-Safe Program section.

We provide a strong support mechanism for the transportation companies in our network. Our providers gain substantial benefits and resources, as well as personal satisfaction through knowing that they are helping to improve quality of service, quality of life, and service delivery for the network’s customers.

We set the bar high for minimum standards and expectations. This ensures our customers receive a seamless and consistent service each and every day.

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