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The greatest advantage in choosing BTS is our network

The BTS Network is a membership based organization which facilitates and administers full scale transportation and management operations for its customers. Our efficiencies and optimizations are achieved through our strategic partnerships, advanced technology, and a total commitment to success.

Let us manage your entire transportation operations and administration. We have strategic partnerships with public and private organizations, suppliers, and transportation providers across North America. Our network helps small, mid and large size organizations by managing their transportation contracts, service agreements, training, and performance.

We partner with the best. Across our North American coverage area, we have established strategic networks with like-minded transportation providers. Our network of vendors gives us the most diverse operations (taxis, vans, buses, wheelchairs, etc) ensuring we can facilitate the largest of clients.

Transportation Solutions (Public & Private Sector Services)

The BTS Network offers fully integrated transportation program management systems to all organizations who require any type of transportation service. We can tailor a high-quality transportation for anyone, anywhere in North America.

Organizations gain the simplicity of one transportation contract without the risks of relying on only one transportation source.

The BTS Network’s solution is based on the same core values as your organization:

  • Excellent customer care
  • Reliable service delivery
  • Centralized administrative efficiency

We know the challenges faced by organizations and administrators. Today, a robust, well-managed transportation infrastructure is needed to assist with transportation service delivery.

The BTS Network can help. We provide:

  • On-demand taxi services
  • Regular transportation services
  • Wheelchair accessible services (all types, sizes)
  • Non-emergency stretcher services
  • Parcel and mail delivery
  • Point-to-point shuttles
  • Or any other transportation requirement

We use our fully integrated transportation management system to manage a network of local transportation companies, and our clients gain the benefit of a single vendor providing reliable access to a wide range of transportation options for their members.

Customers also gain improved transportation access and service delivery, especially in rural and remote areas. Plus, The BTS Network enhances the efficiency, safety and quality of their trip experience – eliminating dropped/cancelled trips and unanticipated disruptions to the provider's service delivery.

With the network managing the transportation, members and providers call one dedicated, toll-free (and local) number to schedule all levels of transportation. They also have the ability to book online, anytime. Our online secured web portal allowed easy bookings, driver/vehicle preference selections, management, tracking and reporting capabilities. We ensure your clients are transported by the most appropriate and efficient means possible – as determined by each member's individual requirements. This one-call-does-it-all feature, combined with superior front-end gate keeping and transportation management oversight means our clients can devote more time and energy to their core mission.

As a single-source solution, The BTS Network manages call-centre operations, eligibility screening, scheduling, dispatching, billing, quality assurance, and above-all guaranteed transportation for all customers.

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