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Transportation Services

From Pre-JK to High School, consider BTS. Our unique student transportation & administrative solutions provide parents, schools and school boards greater control and management over their students transportation. From online bookings and reporting, to student attendance tracking, we have a customized solution just for you.

In addition to our regular student services, we also provide accessible student transportation. Our large fleet of accessible vehicles and professionally trained drivers are ready to help you.

Student Transportation Highlights

Record Keeping:  Our advanced database allows us to store as little or as much information (this includes detailed instructions, student profiles, attendance history, etc).  Because our system is online, BTS staff and our customers have complete secured access to make changes to routes easily, and seamlessly.

Route Planning & Optimization:  CanRide can efficiently and effectively optimize complex routing scenarios with dozens of variables through our intelligent algorithms.

Caller Profile Recognition:  Our advanced VOIP technology coupled with our in-house software program allows our systems to recognize incoming calls, and provide an instant pop-up screen with the caller’s profile.

Attendance Tracking:  BTS tracks every student’s attendance on a daily basis through our online system.  Should a student not attend for any reason, his/her personal attendance is updated immediately.  Our customers have full access to this attendance module for real-time monitoring, statistical analysis and cross-comparisons with their own records.

GPS Tracking:  BTS uses a state-of-the-art, real-time GPS vehicle tracking system.  Our dispatch team is always able to advise our customers of where the vehicle is, who is on-board or when they were dropped-off.  Our CanRide ERP software is fully integrated with our GPS technology.  This gives our customers direct on-line access to vehicle/driver locations.  This on-line solution allows our customers to have direct access to locate any vehicles which are being utilized for them.  With this feature, our customers can see where a specific ride or rides are at anytime with our “Where’s My Ride” function. 

Fleet Management:  Our purpose-built fleet management module allows for full-scale administration over all fleet management and maintenance functions.  This online software connects directly with our vehicle maintenance partners.  This module provides advanced notices, and automatic reminders for upcoming preventative maintenance items for all vehicles in our fleet.  These notices are sent to our in-house fleet manager, as well as our vehicle maintenance partners.  Vehicles are brought into the shop for immediate attention.  Preventative maintenance has never been easier with our fleet management module.

Reporting:  We have over 100 standardized reports that cover every function and department of BTS.  We are also able to customize reports for our customers.

Whether you’re a group of parents, or a large school board, call us today to see how our customized solutions can help you!

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